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Videos i want! VHS,DVD,VCD or SVCD

11/3/89 Utrecht, Holland Tivoli
11/26/89 Mezzago, Italy The Bloom
8/24/91 Koln, Germany Monster of Spex 
9/20/91 Toronto, Ontario Opera House 
9/21/91 Montreal, Quebec Foufounes Electriques 65 min
9/27/91 Trenton, NJ City Gardens 
11/13/91 Munich, Germany Nachtwerk 
11/14/91 Vienna, Austria Arena 
11/25/91 Amsterdam, Holland Paradiso 55min 
1/31/92 Melbourne, Australia The Palace 
6/21/92 Dublin, Ireland The Point 
6/26/92 Roskilde, Denmark Roskilde Festival 75min 
6/27/92 Turku, Finland Ruisrock Festival 
6/28/92 Oslo, Norway Isle of Calf Festival 
11/2/93 Montreal, Quebec Verdun Auditorium 
12/13/93 Seattle, WA Pier 47 70min private 
12/31/93 Oakland, CA Oakland Coliseum 
2/6/94 Cascais, Portugal Pavilhao de Cascais 5min Pro
2/22/94 Rome, Italy Palaghiacco 80min adn 20min Pro
02/27/94 - Ljubjana, Slovenia Tivoli 

Hole unplugged 

All promo stuff


Molly's Lips test pressing 7"
Candy / Molly's Lips Marbled green vinyl or black 7"
Bleach white first pressing 12" 
Heart-Shaped Box Red vinyl France 7"
Puss / Oh, The Guilt pic disc
Sliver Green, 7"
Here she comes now blue,green,Light Blue ,Pink,Light Purple,Yellow Vinyl ,Red 7"
Mtv unplugged white 12"
Incesticide Swirled blue vinyl 12"
Any italian jukebox promo 7"

From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah 4 cd Promo 
Kurt & Courtney Promo
Live! Tonight! Sold Out!! Promo 
Nevermind, It's An Interview Promo
On A Plain Promo 
Rape Me / All Apologies Promo