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Titel: Matrix:
Before and after the storm 08/23/91 CD(M) PIL10CD
Bleach Sessions CD(M) TUPBSCD666
Complete Radio Sessions Complication CD(M) BM CD018
Digital Nirvana  08-25-91 CD(M) N 25891
First Live Show 04-17-87, 03-??-87  2nd Press CD(M)  
I Cant live Complication CD(M) NTNO- 99 AAD|BIEM
Muder By Guitar  
Paradiso lost 11/25/91 CD(M) NIR 111191
Rape Me Again  01/07/94 CD(M) Disc A: N 7193-2 Disc B: N 7193-1
The Needle & The Damage Done:Outcesticide 2 Complication CD(M) GEMA BMCD 25
Throw Them To The Lions! 2.22.94 CD(M)  
Ultra Rare Cover Versions Complication CD(M) GEMA US 54

Orginal Vids

Live To night Sold out!