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About a girl CD Promo
All Apologies 2 free art prints 12"  GEFFEN 1993.12.??
All Apologies 2 track CD Promo DGC
BBC Transcription Servuces In concert 12" Bootleg
Bleach sessions 12" Bootleg
Blew 12" UK
BMG Goes Rockin 3 12" Promo
Box Set singel 6 CD CD
Come as you are 7" Jukebox Issue
Come as you are ( Die-cut Sleeve) 7" italian Jukebox Promo
Come as you are ( Die-cut Sleeve) 3x 7" Canada, United States
Come as you are Picture Sleeve 7"
Come as you are with out Die-cut Sleeve 12" Picdisc UK issue
Come back with us 12" Picdisc Itialian issue
Eight Songs From Greg Sage And The Wipers 7"
From Muddy banks of the wiskhkah 12" Picdisc
From Muddy banks of the wiskhkah Boxset No:1383/3000 Promo 4CD
Hart Shaped Box 7" Red
Hole Live through This Featuring Kurt Cobain 7" Bootleg
Hormoaning 12"pic disc
In Utero 12" Picdisc
In Utero Ltd translucent vinyl 12" DGC Canada, United States
In Utero no: 193 12" blue Bootleg
INCESTICIDE Ltd blue 12"
John Peel TWO 7" 2x7" Bootleg
Lithium 12" Picdisc
Live at Reading festival 23 agust 1991 12" Bootleg Big noise records B,N,3
Live To Night Sold Out! VHS
Love Buzz no:16 Green 7"
Love Buzz no:223 Yellow 7"
Mtv unplugged 12" Picdisc
Mtv Unplugged 12" Whit Ltd 500?
Nevermind 12" Picdisc
Nevermind Green vinyl with silverlabel 12"
Nevermind Multcoloured 12"
Nirvana Live 7" Bootleg
Nirvana: Format
Pennyroal Tea ++++Ged 21907++++ CD
Puss/ Oh The Guilt 7"
Puss/ Oh The Guilt .Ltd Poster
Rags To Riche (Picture Sleeve) 7" Bootleg
Return of the rats rare only 10x!!! 7" Test press
Saturday Night Not-so live 12" Bootleg
Seventh heaven 12" Bootleg
Sliver 7" pink erika press
Sliver 12" Blue
Sliver 7" Black re isssue
Where did you sleep last night? 1 track CD Promo
Whiplash 12" Bootleg
Wipeout 12" Bootleg