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Titel Format Label Year Country
B.B.C In Concert Show No:666 LP  BBC ? ?
Bleach Sessions Lp Tupelo recording Company ? ?
Hormoaning Lp Pic Disc Italy
Mtv Unplugged Lp Pic Disc UK?
In Utero Lp Pic Disc UK?
Nevermind Lp Pic Disc US
From Muddy Banks of Wishkah Lp Pic Disc UK?
Lithium (Die-cut Sleeve)
Lp Pic Disc DGC 1992.07.20 United Kingdom
NEVERMIND Multcoloured Lp  Globus International 92 ?
NEVERMIND Green Sliver label LP Globus International 92 ?
Live From Reading Festival 92 Lp Big Noise Records ? EC
BLEW 12" EP Tupelo 1989.12.?? United Kingdom
Wipeout  12"  Big Wave Records
Rags To Riche (Picture Sleeve) Bootleg
7" Quality Recordings 1992 EC
Nirvana Live Bootleg 7" ? ? United States
Come as you are with out Die-cut Sleeve :( 12" Pic Disc  DGC 1992.02.?? United Kingdom
Come as you are Die-cut Sleeve  Italy Jukebox Promo 7" ? ? Italy?
Come as you are Picture Sleeve 7" DGC 1992.02.?? United Kingdom
Come as you are ( Die-cut Sleeve) 7" DGC 1992.02.?? Canada, United States
Love Buzz Fake (Green)  7" Sub Pop
Sliver Re-issue ?  7" Touch and Go 1990 US
Puss / Oh, The Guilt Blue
7" 1993.02.22 France