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1/10/92 New York, NY   
MTV Studios (vid2) ->
40 min, pro uncut!


Setlist:Soundcheck: On A Plain/ Stain //Show: Drain You/ School/ Molly's Lips/ Polly/ Aneurysm/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ Territorial Pissings 


1/11/92 New York, NY  
Saturday Night Live
(vid2) ->VCD

Setlist:Smells Like Teen Spirit/ Territorial Pissings/Credit....(Krist & Kurt's Kiss)
Notes: Good performance by band. They smash their equipment after TP. Krist and Kurt also kiss in the ending credits. However, the credits were retaped for future broadcasts, as apparently NBC was afraid people would be offended by it. Kurt is not there, but Dave and Krist hug and fall down. 


8/30/92 Reading, England 
Reading Festival Gen2-3


Setlist:Breed/ Drain You/ Aneurysm/ School/ Sliver/ In Bloom/ Come As You Are/ Lithium/ About A Girl/ tourette's/ Polly/ Lounge Act/ More Than A Feeling/ Smells Like Teen Spirit/ On A Plain/ Negative Creep/ Been A Son/ All Apologies/ Blew/ Dumb/ Stay Away/ Spank Thru/ Love Buzz/ The Money Will Roll Right In/ D7/ Territorial Pissings/ Star-Spangled Banner jam 


8/30/92 Reading, England Pro Shot! 
Reading Festival  
20 min,

Setlist:Sliver / In Bloom / Lithium / About A Girl / Smells Like Teen Spirit / All Apologies

9/26/92 Valencia, CA Castaic Lake 
5min SVCD 
Gen:5-6 Bad! 


Setlist:Where Did You Sleep Last Night (solo) / The Money Will Roll Right In (with Mudhoney) 
info:Shot from back in the crowd toward the right side of the stage, this looks nice. The shot is never closer than head to toe, but we can still see the expressions on Kurts face.